onsdag 27. oktober 2010

The TweetBot

I made a little ethernet/internet project from the mbed NXP LPC1768 (they should make a brain-frendly name for it, like Massimo and the team did with their AVR protoboard). It consists of the mbed board and an ethernet jack on the right, and a battery. I opted to add a Pololu power button, wich required me to drop the voltage from my 9v battery with an LM7805. This makes up the circuitry on the left.

You might notice that there is no magnetics for the ethernet, which is quite hazardous. But that's just how Raving Robot rolls, living on the edge.

This whole thing sends out a message on twitter every time it resets. I sould probably timestamp the messages, as twitter does not allow the same tweet within a certain timeframe. This is annoying if you want your toilet to tweet its flushes, and such. But the mbed sports an onboard realtime clock I could put to use in v.2.

I put the code up on pastebay.

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  1. that its really interesting man i like your blog